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Care for Some Lao Coffee?

Apparently, coffee is the latest trend in Japan right now.

I am a huge coffee addict myself. When traveling abroad, I can easily live without soy sauce; however, living without coffee is not the life for me.

At our shop, we sell specialty coffee from Laos. You may ask, “Where the hell is Laos? Africa? South America?” Wrong… Laos is in Southern East Asia, next to countries like Vietnam, Thai, Cambodia, China, and Myanmar.

The Lao coffee mentioned before is manufactured and sold by Japanese student group “DRIPRO” (Fair Trade Drip Project) in hopes of connecting Lao coffee farms to Japanese consumers.

Speaking of which, what’s fair trade?

Fair trade is a system that supports and improves the lives of various producers in developing countries by trading with them at a fair price on a consecutive basis.

Students in DRIPRO are directly involved with each process required for coffee production. They will communicate directly with coffee farmers in Laos, import Lao coffee beans from the Lao Coffee Manufacturer’s Association, roast the beans in a well-known coffee roasting factory in Shizuoka, and sell the finished products themselves.

The coffee beans are Arabica Typica species (also known as “Mountain coffee”), and they are known for their mild taste and satisfying smell. Because the balance of its bitterness and sourness is perfect, the coffee is extremely pleasant and can be deliciously consumed by anyone, even if you’re not a huge coffee fan.

I had heard that the coffee was good cold-brewed as well, so I decided to make one myself. I put 30g of dark roast Typica coffee in 500ml of water, and left it in the fridge for about 8 hours. And that was it; I made some delightful cold-brewed coffee! Although it was quite refreshing, it still had that solid bitterness to it, making it perfect for the bothersome rainy season.

I would strongly recommend this coffee to not only coffee lovers, but to all the adventurous shoppers out there who want to try something besides grocery store coffee.


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